Are You Suffering Due To Sexual Harassment At Work In The Bay Area?

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a violation of federal law — but one that is permitted in many companies and under-reported by victims. If you are struggling to cope with a hostile work environment where you face unwanted advances, lewd and degrading comments, gender discrimination or other intolerable adversity, we will provide the discreet, helpful legal counsel you need.

Get Clear, Informed Answers To Your Questions About Your Rights And Options

Our attorneys have extensive experience evaluating complex, sensitive employment law claims and presenting our clients with viable options and strategies. Having represented both employees and businesses, we can offer a 360-degree view of your potential case. Our capabilities in sexual harassment cases cover the spectrum of:

  • Employer tolerance of a hostile work environment, where unwanted sexual advances, circulation of explicit sexual material or other such conduct is allowed to occur
  • Threats of termination, denial of a promotion or other retaliation for not fulfilling a manager's or other co-worker's demands for sex or a dating relationship
  • Comprehensive guidance for business owners and in-house counsel on prevention of and defense against sexual harassment lawsuits

If you are a victim of sexual harassment, you deserve empathy and far better treatment, whether at your current job or the next. You may have a right to substantial compensation as well. The optimal solution for you will depend on many factors, including whether you still work for the offending employer to the potential monetary value of your case.

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To speak directly with a lawyer versed in California state and federal laws governing sexual harassment and workplace discrimination, contact us at Dunn & Panagotacos LLP — a proven litigation firm with offices in San Francisco and Walnut Creek. We want to provide the guidance you need, beginning with a free, confidential case evaluation.