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Efficiently Resolving Contract Disputes In The Bay Area

When parties sign a contract, at least at the outset, they usually intend to fulfill their respective obligations under the contract. However, contract disputes often arise later for various reasons.
  • In some cases, a party may feel wronged or have a different interpretation of the expectations that were set in the contract. Even though a legal contract is supposed to represent a “meeting of the minds,” misunderstandings are common.
  • In other cases, a party may fail to uphold their end of the bargain. Breach of contract occurs when a party violates the terms of the contract and the other party is negatively affected.
  • Disputes may also arise over issues that are not specifically addressed in the contract. Many contracts fail to address important issues that could arise, especially when not drafted by a skilled lawyer.
  • Additionally, contract disputes can result from a broken promise or representation that one party relied upon to their detriment. Contracts do not need to be in writing to be enforceable; oral contracts are legally enforceable.

Practical Solutions So You Can Get Back to Business

At Dunn & Panagotacos LLP we help San Francisco Bay Area business owners and individuals resolve whatever type of contract dispute they may be facing in a timely and cost-effective manner. We understand that our clients often have other business to tend to, which is why we look for quick and sustainable ways of solving problems.

Does Your Dispute Involve Employment Law or Real Estate Law?

In addition to handling business contract disputes, our trial-tested attorneys are well-equipped to handle contract disputes involving employment law, including alleged Noncompete agreement violations, as well as contract disputes involving real estate law, which may center on purchase or lease agreements.

Our California business trial attorneys bring diverse perspectives as well as a collaborative approach to the negotiating table, and they are always prepared to take a case to trial, if necessary. Tell us about the contract dispute you or your business is facing in a free case evaluation. Call us at 415-982-2100 or contact us online.

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